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Awarded for creating a Replica Zenith watches direct injection retrofit kit that reduces toxic emissions and increases the fuel-efficiency of the two-stroke powered vehicles in developing countries, Tim Bauer was able to transform the lives of the people that were hugely affected by the increasing air pollution.Coupling this program with a loan guarantee, Tim Bauer made this life altering equipment available to poor drivers of these two stroke vehicles.Saluting the commitment of these original thinkers and innovators, Rolex awards them for their ingenuity and dedication.In order to take this program further Rolex created the Young Laureates Program that recognizes talented young thinkers that pursue the path of revolutionizing the world.This new endeavor seeks to support innovative thinking and implementation of original programs in the next generation and recognizes potential pioneers.The Young Laureates Program provides these talented young innovators with the finances and assists them in implementing their original ideas.The primary objective of this innovative program is to seek out young pioneers and assist them in transforming themselves into tomorrow’s leaders that will be able to lead the human race to a common goal of unambiguous harmony.This new variation will be held in 2010 and will alternate with the original version of the program the Rolex Awards for Enterprise on a two-yearly basis.The original concept of promoting brilliance the Rolex Awards for Enterprise will be held in 2012.Rolex has evolved to become more than a brand and transformed into a way of life that encourages innovation, the pursuit of perfection, promotion of unity and development of a spirit that seeks to Replica Zenith watches foster harmony through a revolutionary utilization of innovation.

The capacity to view the entire human race as a single conglomerate or be able to realize that a single life force runs through all of us and binds us together as a part of the divine plan, is probably the first and the most vital prerequisite for being able to pioneer a movement that changes the way we function.The Rolex Award for Enterprise is an ambitious endeavor by Rolex to recognize the remarkable efforts of individuals that make an impact in the world.An initiative that started 32 years ago to foster a spirit of well-being and promote the essence of humanity, recognizes and awards remarkable visionaries that have been chosen from around the world by a distinguished panel of members.The objective of this ambitious initiative taken up by Rolex is to assist these brilliant individuals in their mission of humanity.Each Laureate that is chosen is awarded a cash prize of 100000 US dollars and a specially inscribed gold Rolex Chronometer that will be presented at a special awards ceremony.Each unique initiative is measured on its sustainability, functionality, impact, the spirit of enterprise and how does it benefit mankind.Judged by an independent panel of educators, scientists, economists and other experts the winners of the Rolex Awards for Replica Zenith watches Enterprise are chosen from over a 127 countries. The 2008 winner of the Rolex Award for Enterprise, Tim Bauer an American Citizen is the co-founder of Envirofit.

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Begun in 1925 by Weston Replica Vacheron Constantin watches Martyr a British yachtsman who conceived the idea after competing in the Bermuda yacht races, the Rolex Fastnet Race has seen incredible competition over the years.In its history Rolex Fastnet Races have also been known for their tremendous obstacles and tribulations the sailors have had to face.The 2007 Fastnet race for instance was held up for about 25 hours due to the severe weather conditions caused by gale force winds.This hold up was a first in the entire history of the eight decade year-old classic, offshore regatta.However it is the 1979 Fastnet Race that is remembered for its notoriety in the history of this race as well as the sport of sailing.This race that was the 25th edition of the Fastnet race and began on the 11th of August, 1979.The 605 mile race was led by Kialoa and her captain Jim Kilroy, both of whom suffered tremendously at the hands of the gale force winds.A total of 69 yachts did not finish the race of them 23 were lost or abandoned while the rest retired.Fifteen people lost their lives in this competition that lives in the pages of several books.A Memorial Service will be held on Wednesday, the 5th of August at the Holy Trinity Church that is located behind the Royal Yacht Squadron, in Cowes at 5:30 in the evening.This memorial service that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the infamous 1979 Fastnet Races is open to all people who want to Replica Vacheron Constantin watches pay their respects to the brave sailors.The memorial service is going to be held just four days before the 2009 edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race starts on the 9th of August.

Sailing is an art that reveals the unimaginable power of the water while concurrently showing us its capacity to instill tranquility.Sailors from all over the world have left the safety of the shores and embarked on a mammoth trial of courage and determination.A name that goes synonymous with premier sailing events is that of the world renowned premium watch manufacturer Rolex.Organizing various top notch sailing events around the world, Rolex has continually supported the quest towards perfection and attainment of the highest levels of human triumph.There have been times in history that many incredible sailors have lost the battle to the power and ferocity of the waves and gotten consumed by the eternal waters, to lie on the bed of the sand that encompasses history itself.Sometimes forgotten, the lives of these brave sailors lives on forever in the ballads of bravery.The Rolex Fastnet Race is one of the most premier racing event that is organized by Rolex for exceptional sailors from across the globe.Held every two years, the Rolex Fastnet race is a Replica Vacheron Constantin watches classic offshore race that commences from Cowes on the Isle of Wight in England, moving around the Fastnet Rock in the southwest coast of Ireland and finishes off at Plymouth in the South of England after passing through the south of the Isles of Scilly.

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Usually held in the end of October, the Rolex Osprey Cup is completing its 13th year as a platform for Replica Technomarine watches international women sailors who seek a platform for showcasing their exceptional ability.Drawing a large number of sailors from across the globe the Rolex Osprey Cup is regarded as one of the most eminent women regattas in the world.The primary aim for Rolex to support such a high profile event is to merely enable the women to advance their skill in sailing as well as provide them a platform that will enable them to reach the heights of individual achievement.The Rolex Osprey Cup of 2008 saw a tremendous display of talent and witnessed the top most sailors from around the world competing in this world class event.The 2008 edition of the Rolex Osprey Cup was held from the 22nd to the 25th of October at the St.Petersburg Yacht Club.After the completion of 78 matches in the Sonar Class keelboats, over a period of four days Giulia Conti from Italy along with her crew that included Alessandra Marenzi, Alessandra Angelini, Giovanna Micol, she beat Debbie Capozzi of Bayport to claim the Rolex Osprey Cup title for the second time after 2005.This prestigious women’s regatta will be back in the October of 2009 and according to reports will probably see a record turn out of sailors and spectators.As the sun dawns over the horizon and the wind picks up, skilled women sailors will launch their boats into the waters of Tampa Bay, to clinch the title of the Rolex Osprey Cup and Replica Technomarine watches establish themselves as one of the most formidable sailors in the world.

Sailing is an incredible sport that causes the subliminal mind to shift into the mode of inner tranquility while simultaneously keeping the sailor alert to be prepared for an unpredictable wave.Clearly the passion for this sport cannot be bound by class, gender or age as the vivacity of the waves and its allure goes way beyond obsolete guidelines.Rolex has been proudly supporting the sport of sailing for a number of years and has partnered many organizations in promoting the sport of sailing.The Rolex Osprey Cup is an effort by Rolex to promote women’s sailing as well as providing them ample and equal opportunity to promote their career as professional sailors.Due to the dearth of supporters an internationally recognized women’s sailing event was not established for many years but with the advent of supporters like Rolex what seemed like a distant dream is now a reality.The Rolex Osprey Cup is one of the two women’s regattas in the United States to be granted the status of grade 1 by the International Sailing Federation.This prestigious women’s regatta is held in collaboration with the St.Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida, United States.Held in the month of Replica Technomarine watches October the Rolex Osprey Cup is one of the eight world’s women’s match-racing regattas that has been granted ISAF Grade 1 status.The grade 1 status signifies the highest level of contest of regatta in a one-on-one format of sailboat racing.

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It was only in 1998 that she made her Replica Rado watches movie debut with Digging to China which won the Children’s Jury Award at the Chicago Festival.The same year she appeared in another movie by the name Practical Magic.In 2002 she did her first movie as a teenage actresses by playing the lead in movie Little Secrets.She was appreciated by critics and even got nomination for Best Leading Young Actress award.The year 2003 proved to be the most memorable year for her as the movie Thirteen was released.This role got her many prestigious nominations which included Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award.She followed it up with impressive performance in the movie The Missing and The Upside of Anger.Then came another two great performances by Wood in the movies Pretty Persuasion and Down in the Valley.This happened in the year 2005 when she also appeared in couple of music videos including the Green Day’s hit ‘Wake me up when September comes.’ The next year she did a great job in movie Running with Scissors and got Chopard Trophy at the Cannes Film Festival 2007.She was also part of movies like King of California opposite Michael Douglas and Across the Universe, the Academy and Golden Globe nominated musical.All along the only thing that Wood demonstrated time and again was that just like Rolex Lady Datejust when it comes to performing nothing can come closer.The Lady Datejust is itself a great watch with its smoother lines and distinctively enhanced dials.The watch is made either from steel or steel & 18 ct white gold.The self winding watch has an Replica Rado watches impressive water resistance of 100 m depth.With the kind of lineage and features that it has Lady Datejust matches Evan Rachel Wood in delivering on promise.

It is easy to make a lot of promises but to deliver is an entirely different issue.Most of the times what eventually happens is that whatever promises are made the end results fail to match the initial hype.It has become a usual phenomenon that plagues every field in the world.The world of watches and the world of movies are no exception here.Both are drowning in the sea of performers who though they show a lot of initial promise yet fail to deliver.But that doesn’t mean that there are none in these fields who can do the justice.In the world of watches it is Rolex that holds the fort.The Swiss maker has made it possible to show promise, build hype and then perform even better.Its offering Lady Datejust is a example of what performing as per expectations is all about.Similarly, Evan Rachel Wood has managed to ensure that she can live up to the expectations.Through every movie she acts in and song she sings she comes across as someone who can actually do what she shows signs of achieving.It can be safely concluded that Rolex Lady Datejust and Evan Rachel Wood both have always delivered according to promise. Evan Rachel Wood, the young actress was born on September 7, 1987 in the state of North Carolina.She had it in her genes to be a successful actor as well as a singer.Her father was an actor, singer, playwright and theater director.Her mother was an actress, director and an acting coach.If her parentage gave her the genetic and environmental edge then it also put a lot of pressure on her to perform and deliver.And most of the times children who are in similar situations crumble under the weight of expectations.But that was not to be.Wood just like Rolex not only survived the pressure but Replica Rado watches also scored higher than what was expected.Her brush with the camera started when she began appearing in made-for-television movies in 1994.She followed it up with roles in television shows like Profiler and Once & Again.


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Replica Bvlgari Assioma Watches Stunning the world with his incredible style and level of performance Adam Scott is counted amongst the best golf players in the world. Rolex has constantly supported incredibly talented players and provided them a platform to launch themselves towards even more greatness.Rolex partners Adam Scott in his relentless journey towards excellence and perfection.If the there is courage along with remarkable talent that has been honed through years of practice and dedication then nothing can stop it from marching towards victory and performing such feats that the world stops to look in awe.Partnering exceptionally skilled individuals in their endeavor to attain perfection has been a part of Rolex’s principal as well as its long standing tradition.Rolex has always endorsed outstanding players that transform long held perceptions and usher in a whole new level of gameplay Replica Bvlgari Assioma Watches.The Australian born golfer Adam Scott is among the list of players Rolex supports and promotes.Adam Scoot is one of those rare finds who is able to transcend the barriers of long-held perceptions and through his magnificent play, inspire and overwhelm.The endorsement policy of Rolex is in tune with its own core spirit of pursuing excellence and flawless perfection.The continual chase for setting a new standard reflects in Rolex’s products as well as operating strategy of supporting proficient sportsmen.

Taking the golfing world by storm Adam Scott has achieved a great number of feats in a relatively short period. Adam Derek Scott was born in July, 1980 in Adelaide, Australia and falls in the category of those players who are slated to have the most promising careers around.Quite often regarded by many people as the natural successor to the legendary Greg Norman, Adam Scott along with Sergio Garcia is the only player to have broken through into the top five ranking of the PGA even though he was born in the 1980’s Replica Bvlgari Assioma Watches.In the very first year of his professional career as a golfer Adam Scott won the Alfred Dunhill Championship in Johannesburg, South Africa.Right after which he clinched the Qatar Masters and the Scottish PGA Championship in 2002 as a part of the European Tour.In 2003 Adam Scott claimed more titles like the Scandinavian Masters and the Deutsche Bank Championship.The following year in 2004 Adam won the Players Championship as well as the Booz Allen Classic.He was able to break into the top ten official rankings of world golf for the first time by clinching the Nissan Open in the beginning of 2005.Adam Scott displayed outstanding gameplay all throughout his career and due his stunning performance and the number of titles to his name including the Tour Championship in 2006; he was a part of the international team that competed in the President’s Cup in 2003, 2005 and 2007. Adam continues to play in championships around the world but off late has been focusing on the PGA tours.His unrelenting determination and confidence in his strength can almost be seen in his Replica Bvlgari Assioma Watches every stroke as the golf ball pierces the air flying towards the hole.

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Replica Bvlgari B Zero1 Watches It is not so much so Cecilia’s artistry but more so her remarkable agility that allows her to transport her sound from one different note to another in such a manner that the audience is disconcerted as well as in awe on hearing a new range of notes they never thought existed.Legends have always told tales of the power of incredible music right from Orpheus to the Sirens; Cecilia is such a tremendously remarkable performer that over the many years that will follow she will be remembered as not just a singer with incredible range but as a legend that has the ability to captivate.Rolex proudly supports this legendary performer and honors its deep-rooted tradition of recognizing brilliance and endorsing them.Forever striving to master the art of perfection Rolex identifies, associates and sponsors proficient individuals who like Rolex endeavor to master their craft and reach the zenith of individual triumph.When a person has the ability to sing in ways that have never been thought of as possible and still retain an exquisite command over them in such a manner that it seems like this was the language of the gods that mere men like us would never understand.Rolex has the honor of supporting Cecilia Bartoli Replica Bvlgari B Zero1 Watches, also referred to as the queen of agility who has the incredible ability of performing both soprano and mezzo roles with absolute perfection and ease.This Italian soprano-mezzo opera singer and recitalist is renowned the world over for her incredible versatility and her astonishing interpretation of the music of Rossini and Bach.Rolex, keeping up with its rich heritage of endorsing individuals that reach the pinnacle of human achievement and form a precedent for others proudly sponsors Cecilia Bartoli as she strives to reach the epitome of human perfection.Born in 1966 in Rome, Italy, Cecilia Bartoli was given her first music lessons by her parents who were also professional singers.

The singer with an unusual timbre, Cecilia has grown to become an extremely popular and top selling opera singer of today.Known throughout the world for her vivacious and lively onstage persona Cecilia gave her first musical performance when she was just eight.Unlike most opera singers Cecilia reached her vocal maturity in her twenties while others do so in their thirties.In 1987 Cecilia gave her first performance as a professional opera singer at the Arena De Verona.The very next year she took on the role of Rosina in the Barber of Seville that was showcased at the Zurich Opera Replica Bvlgari B Zero1 Watches, Schwetzingen Festival and the Oper der Stadt Koln and earned her rave reviews.Cecilia was soon invited to perform at the Salzburg festival and on the French television, where she paid a tribute to Maria Callas.Cecilia focused her performance on Mozart roles like Zerlina in Don Giovanni.Working with excellent music conductors like David Barenboim, Cecilia flawlessly took on all roles and performed with such magnificence that her career soon went international. Debuting in both Opera Bastille as Cherubino in Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro and as Idamantes in Mozart’s Idomeneo, Cecilia proved to the world her exceptional talent as a formidable Rossini singer.Cecilia Bartoli’s powerful performance in the Metropolitan Opera House as Angelina in La Cenerentola resulted in the role of Angelina being associated with her.Honored with the ‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’ in 1995, Cecilia is counted among the legendary singers who have forever transformed the world of opera.Her album Maria that went gold in US, Netherlands and Belgium was a result of her extensive study of 19th century repertoire and the celebrated singer Maria Malibran.Soon to receive the Leonie Sonning Music Prize in 2010, Cecilia is well known for her performance of classical music as well as lesser-known Baroque roles.A musical genius with a reputation that is based on numerous incredibly brilliant performances Replica Bvlgari B Zero1 Watches, Cecilia Bartoli is an inspiration for conductors who have expanded their musical range and potential just to accommodate this singer who leaves audiences spellbound with her every note.

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Replica Bvlgari Bvlgari-Bvlgari Watches Gustavo made his American debut in 2005 at the Hollywood bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.Among the numerous places and concerts Gustavo has conducted is the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra that was held in order to commemorate the 80th birthday of Pope Benedict XVI Recently Gustavo was named as music director for Los Angeles Philharmonic for the 2009-2010 season.Gustavo and his youth orchestra were awarded the WQXR Gramophone Special Recognition Award in November 2007 at New York City for their remarkable display of musical aptitude and proficiency. Gustavo’s journey traces back to humble beginnings and it is only with the undying passion for music was he able to transform himself from a mere listener that sways to the beat, to a conductor and a musician who possesses the ability to make magic and create a symphony of beautiful notes Replica Bvlgari Bvlgari-Bvlgari Watches.Rolex is closely associated with Gustavo the ‘magician’ as he continues his musical journey enthralling audiences around the world with the sheer power of his musical baton.Music has the power to transcend the barriers of distance, time, culture, race, gender and even class.So powerful is this tool that the capacity of a musician is compared to that of a magician.Rolex has proudly been associated with some of the finest and most exemplary musicians and artists who have battled all odds and spent years in perfecting their skill.

Rolex believes in the boundless power of ingenuity and perfection and because of this long standing rudiment it endorses individuals like Gustavo Dudamel.Rolex proudly supports this Venezuelan violinist and conductor who has the ability to mesmerize the audience as his music seeps deep into their souls.Like a frivolous and capricious autumn wind that draws you into an irresistible whirl of ebbing feelings, Gustavo Dudamel is able to cast a spell of rapture over the unsuspecting spectators Replica Bvlgari Bvlgari-Bvlgari Watches. Rolex has forever supported individuals that through their originality of vision and remarkable grasp of their craft are able to transform opinions.Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramirez was born in January, 1981 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.The son of a voice teacher and trombonist, Gustavo began studying music at a very early age.He was a part of the famous Venezuelan musical education program know as El Sistema.Gustavo took up violin at the age of 100 and began studying it under the guidance of Jose Luis Jimenez at the Jacinto Lara Conservatory.Right after this he went to work with Jose Francisco Del Castillo at the Latin-American Violin Academy.He started his stint as a conductor in 1995 by training under Jose Antonio Abreu.Relentlessly pursuing the art of conducting music he soon began to perform so flawlessly that his reputation began to spread across the lands.He was appointed the music director of Orquesta Sinfonica Simon Bolivar in 1999.As the director of this national youth orchestra of Venezuela he traveled far and wide performing in many countries.Gustavo soon began performing with the Philharmonia, the Los Angeles Philharmonic among the various others and even signed a recording contract with the Deutsche Grammophon in 2005.Even though Gustavo was named the principal conductor for the Replica Bvlgari Bvlgari-Bvlgari Watches Gothenburg Symphony he still continues to play his part as the music director of the Simon Bolivar youth orchestra.

Replica Bvlgari Ergon Watches Michael Buble had finally arrived

Replica Bvlgari Ergon Watches Spending 104 weeks on the Billboard Top Jazz Charts that included 78 weeks on the number one spot, Michael Buble had finally arrived.His third album titled ‘Call me Irresponsible’ sold a massive two million copies in United States alone while topping the charts everywhere else.Awarded a Grammy as well as multiple Juno Awards for his incredible performances Michael Buble was here because he chose to carry on the struggle. Implausible resilience and perseverance got Michael through these hindrances and since Rolex the leading brand of premium watches identifies with these characteristics it supported Michael Buble in his voyage of musical discovery.Long have wise men told that a melodious voice that mimics the language of the gods can’t be kept contained, for it inherently possesses the ability to pass through the thickest walls and fly with the wind to distant lands where men and women wait in foolish abandonment for these notes from heaven.Even though Rolex is closely equated with performance and the highest of quality, the aspect that is almost synonymous with Rolex is that of perseverance.Rolex recognizes the ability of individuals that are able to achieve the highest levels of human accomplishment thorough diligent resolution and supports their cause Replica Bvlgari Ergon Watches.The Canadian born Michael Buble is proudly supported by Rolex in his endeavour towards musical ingenuity.Fortitude is a prerequisite for attaining greatness and talent however perfect is still incomplete if it lacks the determined will to withstand all odds.Michael Buble represents the rare genre of artists who have been able to retain their ingenuity and exceptional ability in the face of disappointing circumstances.Every time circumstances that hinder growth come in the way this special class of individuals even though crestfallen find a way to stand strong and brave the disappointment.Born in September, 1975 in Burnaby, Canada Michael Buble singer, songwriter, actor and a pianist had almost abandoned his dream.

Had it not been for the ability to fight on armed with a tiny glimmer of hope the world would have never heard the incredible melody of Michael Buble.A son of a salmon fisherman, Michael’s signing talent came to his family’s notice when he sang for them at Christmas.His singing career began at nightclubs when he was 16.Michael’s grandfather played an instrumental role in providing him a platform to develop and showcase his talent.His grandfather would negotiate with the club owners offering them his plumbing services in return for stage time for Michael.At 18 Michael entered a local talent contest but even when he had won he was disqualified because he was underage Replica Bvlgari Ergon Watches.The organizer of this contest Bev Delich entered Michael into the Canadian Youth Talent contest which he won.From thereon Delich represented Michael for seven years that didn’t quite help his career.Performing in almost every arena conceivable including cruise ships, parties, bars, theatres, clubs and even as Santa Claus, Michael grasped on to any and every platform to show his incredible talent.He took out three independent recordings First Dance, Babalu and Dream that received an average response.Michael tried his hand at acting an appeared in two episodes of X-files (unaccredited), Mortal Challenge as well as in the award winning documentary Big Band Boom.None of these appearances did anything to improve his career. Michael got his first major breakthrough through an unconventional chain of events.It was at a business party where he was noticed by Michael McSweeney who convinced the Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to let Buble sing at his daughter’s weeding.It was here Michael Buble was introduced to David Foster a multi-Grammy award winning producer of 143 records.At first Foster was unsure about signing on Michael and laid down the condition that Michael would have to raise the 500000 dollar amount required to produce the album himself.Resilient as he was Michael raised the money and with no assurances from Warner Brothers launched his first self titled debut album.The album broke through the top ten chart6s in UK, Canada and South Africa and hit the number one spot in Australia.The marginal response his album received in United States acted as a stimulant and in 2005 with the release of his next album ‘Its Time’ climbed to the number spot in Italy, Canada and Japan and broke through the top ten in Sweden Replica Bvlgari Ergon Watches, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and UK.